Haralson Family Connection Coalition exists for one purpose, and only one purpose; to organize
our community and its resources in an on-going effort to improve conditions for families and
children through community collaboration, constant community assessment and strategic
planning. Represented by more than 35 members of our Board of Directors from state agencies,
schools, churches, civic clubs, businesses, and many other organizations Haralson Family
Connection Coalition has been helping the community plan for success since 1992.

Vision Statement:
The vision of the Haralson Family Connection Coalition is a community of strong, self-sufficient
families in where all children and teens will be healthy, free of abuse, neglect and pregnancy, able
to value education and succeed in school, and who will become productive citizens.  Adults will
take responsibility for their families including securing gainful employment in order to meet their
needs.  Parents will work in partnership with their schools and communities to ensure that each
child reaches his or her full potential.  Senior adults will have adequate resources and needed
services to reside in their homes in safety and will be productive members of society.

Mission Statement:
As a collaborative community based partnership, the Haralson Family Connection Coalition is
committed to building a strong base of community support to assist families and their children in
becoming responsible, productive citizens able to contribute to society.  The Coalition will work
toward, and become responsible for the development and coordination of community based
prevention and intervention strategies that lend themselves to positive outcomes for families,
children, and senior adults.  Outcomes will focus on child health, school readiness, school
performance, family support and economic self-sufficiency. The Coalition will assist communities
in creating local solutions to their problems through sharing responsibilities and resources.
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to access data on conditions effecting children,
families, and our community, and any  county in
Georgia.  These County Profiles are provided by
the Annie E. Casey Foundation and are great for
use when you need quick trend data for reports,
projects, presentation, or just for your own
Please use this resource often!
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